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Aria Mechatronics Industrial Group with more than 25 years of experience in maintenance and installation of cranes and 10 years of experience in the manufacture of overhead and gate cranes. The crane, like all industrial devices, is made of more than 2 parts mechanical and electrical And it consists of 2 groups and of course the reason for the name mechatronics is a combination of mechanics and electronics (electricity).
Aria Mechatronics with many years of experience in installing and repairing cranes has specialized people who with their valuable experience are now active as crane manufacturers in the country's industry. Aria Crane, like all industrial complexes, is committed to Ibn Atminan. Dear craftsmen and customers, it gives that all the work done technically (mechanics and electricity) is with years of experience and commitment, and in terms of reliability and technical load, it is placed at a very desirable level.
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crane manufacturer

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Aria Mechatronics Industrial Group
One of the largest companies in the field of cranes

One of the largest companies in the field of cranes

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Aria Mechatronic Crane Complex provides all the necessary services for overhead cranes, gate cranes and semi-gate cranes.

Mechatronic Crane Working Team

Mehran ahmadirepairman
Negin naderiAccountants
Morteza rostamiSupervising Engineer
Ali eisa ahmadi
Ali eisa ahmadithe manager

Features of mechatronic services

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  • best service
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Service in the shortest possible time
  • The price is right
  • Having experienced engineers
  • free consultation
  • Valid parts warranty

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Import of crane parts

Aria Mechatronic Crane Collection imports all kinds of industrial crane parts.
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